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Why is Bamboo so sustainable?

Panda Bamboo socks - grey socks with green heel toe and cuff and panda motifs

Many companies are switching over to bamboo materials due to their high sustainability over fabrics like cotton and synthetics. Here at JOYA we are no different. Our bamboo products have a higher percentage of bamboo fibre than most other clothing brands, with 80% in our socks and 95% in our underwear and pyjamas.

But why is bamboo so sustainable? First of all, it grows again from its own root system so once cut it will regenerate and does not need to be planted again. This eliminates the need  for more land to be cleared, meaning natural habitats are preserved and not destroyed. Additionally, it needs very little water and does not rely on the use of herbicides and pesticides to increase yield. This in turn protects the soil and waterways from the harmful effects of pollutants.

The biggest environmental benefit of bamboo is its massive carbon intake. It takes up around 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare per yearn - that's a lot!! And it releases 35% more oxygen than an equivalent tree mass. This helps with cutting carbon emissions and keeps JOYA's green footprint down and eco-friendly!